Wood 101
Woodworking Software for the home woodworker
This software is currently under development, Free Alpha release in Q2 2011. 

The software will allow a woodworker to design and print plans for woodworking projects in both 2D and 3D.  The software is model driven using either standard models where the user modifies the dimensions and options or creates a new design from scratch. 

Project designs are object based with user defined shapes and user defined formulas available to provide maximum flexibility.

Once designed a plan can be printed as plans or a 3D object. 

Automated cut lists for sheet goods, rough stock and laminated stock will be produced for the design.

Woodworkers have a series of calculators available to perform what-if calculations for a variety of woodworking functions.

Please check back here periodically to see the current status of this product.

If you wish to get put on a mailing list to be informed of product availability please send an email with Wood 101 in the subject line.
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